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Bulls Eye Building Systems are adaptable to meet just about any design and space requirements you have. With ease of construction, the time it takes to install them is about half of a conventional wood or structural steel building that uses I-beams, bolt-together and/or welded on-site.

Our galvanized tubing (14 ga. 2" x 3" rectangular) is used for all open covers to have maximum resistance to the elements of the weather. Because we use the cut & weld method only to fabricate the frame, it provides far greater strength than bent tubing frames. Running the roof panels vertically provides more strength and adds style.

Bulls Eye Buildings are all pre-welded and ready to assemble on the job site. No pre-set anchor bolts are needed when pouring concrete. Our system bolts down to your existing or new concrete pad.

Sizes range from 8' wide to 30' wide (2' increments), so if you need to cover something small or large, we have the strongest cover on the market today. That's worth the peace of mind, knowing it will hold-up to 120 mph (3 second wind gusts) and 10 psf snow loads.

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